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We're Going on a Roadtrip!

Spring is upon us and as those daffodils and crocuses pop their tiny heads out of the ground we here at Bitybean are getting ready to hit the road! You may wonder “Why?!” are we leaving just as the weather here in Vermont warms and you can actually see that...

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Congratulations to the other four winners of "Best in Show"at the NY Baby Show!

We were so excited about our award but wanted to also shine the spotlight on the other 4 products that made the A-list in NY! . * Quinny’s Yezz, a light-weight stroller * ParentLab’s JourneyBee, a portable crib * innobaby’s Teether & Rattle * Nuna USA’s Leaf, a motor-free baby...

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Check it out: Bitybean won "Best in Show" Award in NYC this weekend.

More crystal for the collection.... Awesome!   The New York Baby Show Announces The Winners Of The 2013 Best In Show Award - New York Family...www.newyorkfamily.comFrom a lightweight stroller to an easy-to-use teether/rattle, the five winning products comprise a range of innovation, function, design, and value.

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