Bitybean Baby Carrier Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about Bitybean and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please send us an email at

1.       What is the recommended age and weight capacity for Bitybean's carrier?

Bitybean Baby and Infant Carrier CloseupBitybean's baby carrier is designed for infants and toddlers ages over 3 months old, weighing between 8 and 40 pounds. Although all children are different sizes, we recommend an upper limit of 3 years old. Bitybean has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds.

Children under 3 months of age, or less than 8 pounds in weight shall not be carried in Bitybean. Infants shall be carried in the front carry position, facing the wearer, until they can hold up head and sit unsupported, at approximately 6 months of age.


2.       Who should use the Bitybean UltraCompact Carrier?

Bitybean Baby and Infant Carrier Hiking PhotoBitybean's baby carrier has been designed to be usable used comfortably/effectively by the widest range of body frames and heights. We recommend Bitybean for a maximum size of Men's XL, and have also fit as small as a women's size 0. The waist belt extends to a maximum of 46 inches and we do have a waist extender available by special order that adds an additional 12 inches.
You must be able to confidently and comfortably bend down to put your child into our baby carrier and then stand up, lift and maneuver your child into position. Adjust position or discontinue use if any discomfort arises while wearing.

3.       When should Bitybean's carrier be used?

Bitybean's baby carrier is designed to keep your infant close or, for when your toddler needs a little boost, or a nap during a busy day on the go. Bitybean should not be used during jogging, or other rigorous exercise or sports.

4.       Does Bitybean's carrier provide adequate neck support for baby?

We've worked closely with multiple parents and babywearing experts in the development of our carrier. Babies typically have full head control by 3 months which is why a baby must be both 3 months old and weigh 8 lb before being carried in our carrier. A baby must also be able to sit unaided before being worn in the back carry, which is about 5-6 months. We developed the hood option specifically to support the head if baby falls asleep.

5.       Is Bitybean ergonomic for me?
Our carrier Is designed to evenly distribute the weight between shoulders and hips, eliminating the back strain caused by other carriers that carry the load primarily on the shoulders. When using make sure to adjust to get the load onto your waist by tightening the waist belt firmly, and being careful to not over tighten the shoulder straps. If you feel too much load on your shoulders loosen the shoulder straps to allow the load to settle onto your waist.

6.       Is Bitybean ergonomic for my baby?

Our carrier is designed to provide full knee to knee support for baby, evenly distributing the load across baby's bottom. By keeping baby inward facing toward the caregiver we are able to maintain the spread squat position which is recommended by pediatricians, and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute  to avoid issues associated with this hip development condition.

7.       How should Bitybean be stored?

Bitybean can be stored unpacked, or inside the included pouch. For optimum compression, and to reduce wrinkling, we recommend holding Bitybean at its shoulders, folding it lengthwise with the straps tucked inside, and then rolling it tightly from the bottom up.



8.       How should Bitybean's baby carrier be cleaned?

Spot clean as needed with wet cloth. For best results we recommend hand washing. Your carrier can also be machine washed separately in cold water on gentle cycle with mild detergent, but should always be air dried. Do not use detergents with bleach, perfumes, dyes, chlorine, or optical brighteners.

Bitybean uses only the highest quality and safest dyes possible to ensure a product that will retain its color, but is free from harmful chemicals. There is always a possibility that colors will fade depending on the quality of water and detergent type used. Different colors may require different types of detergents for best results. Please research your local water quality and detergent ingredients for best results according to color, as well as spot test before washing. Bitybean cannot be held responsible for faded colors due to laundering

9.       Can I take my Bitybean baby carrier in the water?

Yes, Bitybean's carrier is ideally suited to splashing about in shallow water with your baby because of its nylon/polyester construction and quick dry fabrics. We recommend front use only so that you can see your baby at all times to make sure they are comfortable and above water. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use in chlorinated or salt water.

10.       What are the dimensions of Bitybean's UltraCompact Baby Carrier?

In its storage sack Bitybean's baby carrier is about 7.5" long and 3" in diameter, however it may end up slightly larger depending on how carefully you roll it for packing. Bitybean weighs just 8 ounces. In use, the overall dimensions of the carrier portion are 14" wide at the seat, and 14" high from waist belt to top.

11.       Does Bitybean's UltraCompact Baby Carrier meet consumer product safety regulations?

Bitybean's carrier has been independent laboratory certified to meet all product required safety requirements.

Bitybean uses buckles which are lead-free and the fabrics do not have any flame retardant coatings.

Bitybean is proud to be a 2014 member of The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and ASTM International.

12.      Warranty

We stand behind our products:

Your satisfaction is important to us and we wish to offer our customers the best service available. Bitybean® warrants to the original retail purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship. Please be sure to register your Bitybean products to activate the warranty!

If a defect or damage is noted, discontinue use immediately, and contact us. We stand behind all of our products, and will either repair or replace, free of charge during the first twelve (12) months after purchase, any Bitybean carrier that is defective in materials or workmanship. Proof of purchase is necessary and products must be returned for warranty service. Should you have a warranty claim please contact us immediately at

13.      What is Bitybean's return policy?

We work hard to bring you quality products that will help you and baby get out and explore your world together. If you have any difficulty with a Bitybean product, please contact us at We have a lot of experience with fitting and use of our products to ensure both baby and parent are comfortable and safe.  

Returns & Exchanges:

All Bitybean products purchased from retail or online stores are subject to their return policies.

Purchases made directly from can be returned (in like-new condition in original packaging) for a refund of item purchase price within 30 days of purchase.  Please email to initiate a refund with the following information: 

Purchase Date:

Order Number or Name of Purchaser:

Reason for Return:

Requesting: Refund or Exchange: 

We will then email you a Return Authorization number. All returned merchandise must be shipped pre-paid with a Bitybean issued Return Authorization number clearly marked on the outside of the box. 

It is advised that all returns are sent with tracking numbers so all parties can verify when a package has been delivered.  Please allow 7-10 days from the time your return is received for refunds or replacements to be processed.  

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