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"The Bitybean Carrier is amazingly small, packing up to the size of a soda can while maintaining safety and comfort. This is an awesome feat that can be appreciated by parents everywhere who’ve been caught out and about with a child and no carrier."

- Pregnancy Magazine

"The first time [my husband] tried to put the Bitybean on he was completely successful and my assistance was not required. Bitybean has made his babywearing experienceworry and stress free." - 529 On a Dime

"[Bitybean is] perfect not only for hiking but as an everyday carrier for your tyke. Use it for shopping, the Farmer’s Marketamusement parkstraveling or anywhere else you need to carry your tyke." - Adventure Tykes

"Designed for optimum portabilitypackabilitysecuritycomfort and style, the Bitybean is that long-awaited carrier that lifts baby up without weighing you down." - A-List Mom

"I really love the Bitybean. I have worn it quite a few times around the house – it is the perfect baby wearer for me. Basicsmalleasy to use and comfortable." - BabyRecs

"Forget back aches with the even weight distribution of the Bitybean." - Big Baby Small Space

"Bitybean is the closest we’ve found to babywearing heaven. It is ideal for both the mundane (running errands) as well as the adventurous (strenuous hikes and scrambles.)" - Cragmama

"We recently tested out the Bitybean carrier and it’s lightweight and breathable so we don’t get nearly as sweaty. It’s a great carrier for babies like Kelsie who sleep warm or for using during the summer to stay more comfortable." - Emily Reviews

"After hiking with my daughter in the carrier, I was amazed that not only was it completely comfortable carrying her for the duration of the hike but I also wasn’t hot. The material kept both of us completely cool on a hot summer afternoon hike." - InTheKnow Mom

"I am so excited that I finally found a baby carrier that works for me and my little one!...If you’re like me and have tried other carriers to only end up frustrated, then you are ready to try the Bitybean." - Iowa City Moms Blog

"I couldn’t be more impressed by its sturdiness and ease of use!  I carried Poppyseed in the Bitybean carrier around for hours and experienced no back pain at all! I absolutely love it and now it’s the only carrier I use everywhere we go." - Lily Rose Bee

"I definitely see myself wearing her to the park, grocery shopping, and walks around the house." Mama Say What

"I have to say I was THRILLED with the Bitybean! I have a history of back pain, but I felt great during and after I carried her. The straps never hurt me and the carrier distributes the weight of the child, so it felt as if I was holding an infant on my back." - Mummies Nummies

"This is a fantastic price for a baby carrier, and it's obvious that it is well designed and will hold up over time." - My Mama Adventure

"The light polyester nylon mix is perfect for in the water, or hiking around the park." - Princess Among Superheroes 

"I have fallen quite head over heels with this Carrot Orange Bitybean carrier...easily the most travel friendly baby carrier I own." - So Easy Being Green

"I love that you can wear it in the water, it keeps Baby cool in the hot months and is great for doubling up on hikes or when I have to wear two kids at a time (which happens often when we are out hiking.)" - Tales of a Mountain Mama 

"I won’t go to Trader Joe’s without it. Or Target. Or wherever else I’ve found myself with a screaming, indignant baby... In my opinion, it outdoes the [#### carrier] (which I tried before discovering the Bitybean) in terms of size and comfort — for parent and child — by a mile." - WeGetOut

"I made a note to myself to check [the Bitybean] out for our Baby List registry and ultimately decided I would register for one of them in addition to the [#### carrier] that everyone raves about... The Bitybean ultimately won our hearts and we returned the other carrier." - When It’s Your Own

"The front carry position was easy peasy, MUCH quicker than my current tie-system carrier (and less dirty because none of the straps are long enough to hit the ground!!). It's also much cooler because it's such a lightweight nylon and mesh material (not to mention quick drying - great for a beach trip!)." - US-Japan Fam

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