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Customer Reviews:

"Hi, I wanted to let you know that we are using our Bitybean for over 2 years now and we love it. Our daughter is 3 year old over 33 pounds and it is very easy to carry her around, to take the subway, the bus or go on a trek. The best part is that she loves to be in “papa’s backpack”. Easy to wash, quick dry. Really a great product.... Thank you." Denis L. New York. NY

"I just wanted to let you know I received my Bitybean today and absolutely LOVE it! Seriously you are taking the carrier industry to a whole new level with this thing!  It is so incredibly lightweight and compact and somehow remains like that even when you are wearing your child.  Given how little material is on it I was absolutely shocked at how secure my 10 month old felt in it. I can't imagine ever using another bulky carrier again!  Thanks for inventing a product that every mommy/daddy should own and that every baby will love." Jen, Boston MA

"My 13-month-old is in that stage where he understands a lot but can't communicate much verbally yet. When he wants to be picked up and I am busy around the house, I say, 'Can you find your Bitybean?' He puts his arms out, palms up, as if to say, 'Where is it?' and goes to find it. He brings it to me all excited to be held. We both love it!" Maria S. D.

"Bitybean is a gear-weary parent's dream. Functional enough to be used as a front or back carrier, its also uber-easy to adjust to fit multiple users. 8 to 40 pounds." - FitPregnancy Magazine

"Review after 2 weeks: My son and I are greatly enjoying it and now that the weather is hot we are taking full advantage of its benefits over the other carriers that we own.  The material the carrier is made of keeps me and my son cooler than [####Baby]. Straps and buckles are very comfortable. I even used it today at home when I needed my hands free and my son quickly fell asleep." Alex A. Brooklyn, NY

 "Tried our new Bitybean yesterday, and I love it! It is so conveniently small, the lightweight make is perfect for the heat, and I was surprised by how comfortable and snug it felt! Great job Bitybean!!" J. Swedlund, Seattle, WA

 "After dinner I tried on the Bitybean with Sam and he fell asleep immediately. That's typically his fussiest time of day so that was great. I like how lightweight it is and it didn't bother my back at all like some of the other carriers tend to do. I'm very pleased and I'm looking forward to taking Sam out for a walk in it." Tony R., Cambridge, MA

 "We love it!! I have been using it quite a bit. I also lent it to a friend and she loved it too!!" Shelley V., Roscommon, MI

 "I found the comfort factor on me as a parent was much greater than on many carriers I have tried in the past. Where it is positioned on the body when in use makes it an even distribution of weight and a breeze to wear without your back aching or tiring so quickly. It is easy to get off and on and to get your child into and out of." Rita B., The Family Review Center 

 "My wife loved It!  We used it last night to carry the baby around while our 4-year-old walked. One great feature--the carrier fits inside of our jackets so we can zip the baby inside and keep her cozy. Nice work." Josh G., Charlotte, VT

 "So....(first time use) She loved it for about an hour. Which is AMAZING! She wants to walk everywhere. My husband actually said "NO WAY will she last in that thing for 5 minutes, i am taking the stroller. He strolled next to us for an hour with no baby. :) She was very happy in it. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very comfortable. More so than my [#### carrier] ever was, even with a 12 lb baby!" Jennifer B., Columbus, IN

 "It looks very nice, sturdy, well made, presented well. It worked great. My son... LOVED the feeling of being in there so snug. He would actually bring it to me to put it on." Elizabeth M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 "We love the Bitybean. It saved the day in church on Saturday...and it fits great in our diaper bag." Anne R., Cambridge, MA


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