Words of Wisdom from Rowan:


‘Tis the season to be baking, no easy task with three small children I may add. It can be really fun and an important part in growing up. Most childrenhave fond memories of baking with their moms or the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread that lingered in the air. Also, let’s face it little kids love to mix, make a mess and create! As a mom there is a fear of any task when you have little ones of varying ages. One who wants (and is fully capable) to help. The other an infant who can’t yet is not interested in their “bouncy chair”, high chair or crawling on the floor. They want to be included too! What to do? Bake or not bake?

In my day we pulled out our clumsy carrier, busted out the flour, rolling pin and had a hay day. Needless to say, I ruined the carrier and it was permanently stained from all our baking and cooking experiments. What can you do today? Whip out your handy-dandy little Bitybean! No need to worry about staining it, it’s completely machine-washable- of course oil can penetrate and ruin just about anything so no guarantees about that. It’s also much cooler, something that is important while you are cooking. No need to get hotter than necessary, pre-heating the oven should be enough. Your little one can also have fun. They can get there little hands in the flour; they love the soft texture. Plus, they feel included and you have a better eye on them. They’re not off crawling around the house or caged in a playpen. They are learning and experiencing life, the gift we give all our children right from birth.

I always loved baking with my children. We made a gingerbread house every year. They got more and more elaborate and when they got to school age we took it into the classroom and shared a family tradition we created for ourselves. Don’t be afraid, it’s scary as a new mom. Just get up and do it. You have all the tools, knowledge and experience. Your teaching them something and having a ton of fun while your doing it! Happy Holidays!