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Happy Mother's Day


Once again Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? If not (or even if you are) consider entering our massive giveaway in honor of all Moms. his year we are giving away a diaper bag from Thirty One Gifts filled with goodies. Of course there will be a Bitybean Ultra Compact Carrier in the side pocket! Other goodie include a $50 gift card from Zutano, a teething necklace from Love At First Bite Chewelry, a nursing scarf and bib from Undercover Babes and finally some beautiful Flash Cards from the Artful Educator. Everything a mom needs! So please honor your mom by entering and have an amazing Mother's Day, she deserves it! Ready, set, enter.....

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Happy Valentine's Share the Love





Whoo-hoo it is Valentine's Day and we are going to extend the love all this week! This year we thought we would celebrate with a some amazing Vermont products, something every parent needs. First, of course, an UltraCompact Baby Carrier. Second, near and dear to most moms hearts some aromatherapy items. We have teamed up with Northern Bayou Apothecary with Camp Candle, Bath Oil and Linen mist. This is a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself at the end of a long day. For those of you who need a little pick me up throughout the day or a little help getting going in the morning, COFFEE!!! We have partnered with another Vermont company, Northern Bayou Cold Brew for some of their tasty cold brew. Yes, ladies and gentleman it can be heated as well as served chilled. You will be receiving 4 bottles in the following flavors Hopped, Cocoa Nib and their original. The fourth will be of the winner’s choice. We will be celebrating the love for the week and announcing a winner of Friday, February 19th, so enter now! Please see below for entry requirements. Ready, Set, Share your LOVE!!!!

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5 Ways To Get Fit With Baby

Did you make a new year's resolution to get rid of that extra baby fat you accumulated over months of pregnancy and maybe even your little one's first year? We know it's February, but we thought we would check in with everyone. So how many of you are finding millions of excuses to not follow through?

My number one excuse was I just don't have time between the baby's schedule, maintaining a house/business and simply getting used to having someone attached to me for the day. When I had multiple children the balancing act became even tougher! But not to worry you are not alone. Every Mom has been there and here are a few simple tips.

Put working out into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. If you want to do it alone, schedule it for when your baby is taking a nap or find a gym that has childcare. If leaving your baby makes you feel guilty or uncomfortable have your wee one join in the fun. Take long walks with your jogger and incorporate a workout. You can also strap on your baby carrier. I enjoyed doing squats and lunges while wearing a carrier because it gave me some extra weight. Enlist a friend to join you, no need to workout alone. Set a consistent time where you meet up with (or without) your little ones. Having a date with someone holds you more accountable to show up for yourself! Another option is joining a mommy and me yoga class. Yoga is an amazing way to get back in shape and it is so good for your soul!

Here at Bitybean, we believe in a sound body, mind and soul. It helps you be a better parent and allows your more space to be present with your kids. It also helps you feel better! We’ve created a whole Pinterest board just on Exercise with Baby. Check it out and we hope you enjoy it. We also hope that you find some of these tips helpful. ~Happy Bitybeaning!


Sunscreen Yes or No?



Summer is upon us and with it comes heat and lots of sun! With it comes the question of babies and sunscreen? How old and how often? We always advise checking with your pediatrician but typically once your baby hits 6 months start using sunscreen! It’s so important to protect their skin.

Ask your pediatrician what brands they recommend and look at reviews on-line. I always enjoyed using the most naturals ones. My favorite was Mustela; it smelled really good and worked on my fair-haired babies like a dream. Sunscreens from the Honest Company or Seventh Generation are also good. To see how well sunscreens rate or for other recommendations checkout the EWG’s guide to sunscreens. Spray sunscreens are very convenient but I didn’t use that until my children were older and running in and out of the water. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours. Make sure to get all the sensitive areas like the back of the neck, chest and ears. Also, when first using a new sunscreen do a test area to see if it reacts to your baby’s skin.

If your baby is under six months, there’s no need to stay inside all day, but avoid going out when the sun is the strongest. Put on a big brimmed hat, take an umbrella with you to the beach and dress them in lightweight long sleeves and pants for protection. Look for shaded areas. There is nothing worse than a little one with uncomfortable sunburn!

Also, make sure to keep your little ones hydrated. Lots of water and breast milk. Babies don’t sweat like we do so be careful they don’t over heat. Put them in a sling or baby carrier and wade into the water. They will love the feeling of the cool water against their skin.

Summer is an amazing time to get out into the sun and enjoy the warm temperatures. There is no need to worry as long as you know how to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Get out enjoy a swim, take a hike or go to the beach winter will be here soon enough! In Vermont we love to stock up on that vitamin D for those long hard winters. Have fun!


Father's Day Greatest Giveaway!


Yipeeeee! It’s almost Father’s Day and Dad’s we have created a giveaway just for you Dad! As a daddy run company we know the importance of time spent with little ones and Dads. Everyone loves it! Moms get a well-deserved break and Dad’s get very important one-on-one bonding time with their little ones. What could be better?

This year Bitybean teamed up with some great companies to bring Dad all the things he will need to go out on an adventure! First on the list we have a $100 gift card to Minou Kids, because you always need an extra outfit, blanket or toy when you go out with your baby. Life Factory has the perfect us a 22-ounce orange bottle to keep Dad hydrated when he is out. Place his bottle in the bottom of a Stokke Trailz Stroller, (dad’s choice of color) the perfect all terrain stroller that is built for any adventure town or country! Last but not least the ultimate in carrying convenience our UltraCompact Baby Carrier in his choice of color! Because let’s face it sometimes your little ones just love to be carried. Also, during the summer Dad might just enjoy taking everyone to the beach and going for a swim!

So join in the fun of Father’s Day and enter your favorite Dad to win. It’s easy all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter and follow all these cool brands on all our social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Share this with your friends; they may want to join in all the fun too!

Also, please note that due to the value of this prize package the winner will be sent a 1099-misc for the cost of these items, and will be responsible for any taxes due.

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It's a Mother's Day Giveaway!

Whoo-hoo Mother's Day is upon us and to celebrate we are kicking off with a huge giveaway!!! We know what a busy life all moms have and honestly it doesn't matter how many children you have. So we created this giveaway filled with items to help you get out and go! We have joined with other great brands that think the same way so here you go.....The winner will receive a Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag, a Safety 1st Step and Go travel System, a Bitybean UltraCompact Baby Carrier and a Little Miss Peppers Design Bracelet. So exciting and such great brands! So the rules are simple checkout just follow all the instructions. You must do all six things to get the most points! Happy entering. The winner will be announced on Wednesday afternoon. Ready, Set, Enter!!! Happy mother’s Day everyone!

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Cold Weather got you Stuck Inside with the Kids?

For those of you that have babies in the winter you know how hard it is to get outside. My first daughter was born in January the coldest month of the year. It was also the year my thermometer rarely went above zero until late February. Being an active person I struggled with what to do. I decided to make a rule that if it was above zero and I dressed properly we could go outside for a little fresh air. But what do you do when you have multiple children?

My best advice is set a temperature that you feel comfortable with and if your child gets teary they won’t cry icicles. Take them skiing, sledding, skating or just a simple trek across the frozen tundra. Build an igloo. If you have a little one, put on your babycarrier and tuck them inside your coat. Your body heat will keep them plenty warm. Plus the additional layer you have over your carrier.

If it is simply too cold cruise the Internet for fun tips. Sometimes my children will bring the skating inside by sliding in their socks on hardwood floors or sledding down the stairs on blankets. We also enjoy building forts or baking cookies. Having 3 girls dress up is also a big one. It’s also a good time to bond with your kids in front of the fire reading books and playing games. One of our favorite games is Spot It, Story Cubes or Tell Tale. You can even just sit around and make up stories giving each child an opportunity to add a sentence. The crazy stories you can come up with! Before you know it your house will be filled with laughter. It also allows for tummy time while you are playing with older children.

The best part of it being to cold to go out is you really get to know your child and see what goes on in their little heads. So whatever you decide to do, just have fun. Explore your world inside and out and see just how magical it all is.


Everybody's got Advice...

Did you ever notice that as soon as you’re pregnant everyone’s got advice? It’s like having baby bump gives everybody and their brother the right to give you advice and oh, let’s not forget the fascination with touching the belly! What is that all about? The advice comes even more quickly when you’re on you’re second or third. Ladies let me give you a little hint, nod, smile, say thank you, keep tips that you like and dismiss the rest. Nobody knows what your baby will be like- not even you!

As a new mom (and let’s face it every baby you have makes you a new mom again since each baby is different) you get bombarded with information and stuff! It’s hard to sift through it all. The only advice worth hearing is that you will know what to do and you will ask questions when you need help. Your body knows what to do (for the most part) in labor and delivery and if not there is a doctor or mid-wife to help you. Once your little bundle arrives your going to have years to get to know them. All their needs, fears, emotions, you may find it takes a village- but guaranteed the village is there- just ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking or getting help. Realize that no one is going to know your baby better than you- so how can they tell you how or what to do.

New Moms at baby events always ask me, “who’s got the best baby carrier?” “I don’t really know.” I reply, because I don’t. I can talk for hours about the benefits of our Bitybean baby carrier and the benefits of baby-wearing, but ultimately you have to choose what is right for you and your baby. I loved wearing all 3 of my girls for a multiple of reasons: convenience, closeness and comfort.

Parent from your heart and be firm in what works for you. Ask questions. Take notice of how things feel when you do them. For example, if your baby is not sleeping through the night somebody might tell you to try the Ferber method or “sleep-train” your baby. Those methods you find may or may not work for you. Listening to your baby wail 20 minutes in the middle of the night might not be for you. Let me tell you, that takes a strong constitution! Believe me at some point you will hit a wall and know innately what you need at that moment and all will be well in the universe. Just trust yourself! You’re going to be a great mom and no one will be a better parent to your baby than you!


Two Simple Tips for Easier Holiday Road Trips

Happy Holidays everyone, or should I say Happy Seasonal Travel? Many of us spend more time in the car around the holidays running errands or traveling to see family. It can become overwhelming when added to what we already do with our children and babies. The weather changes frequently from day to day. So instead of getting exasperated take a breath, look at the options and be prepared. Remember happy infants/babies, toddlers and kids equal happy parents! 

First and most importantly if you’re going on a long drive remember a few toys or games for entertainment. I remember my first road trip to New York alone with my infant daughter; I kept an LL Bean Bag in the front loaded with rattles, crinkly toys and nuks. When she would begin to fuss I would reach in and grab her a new toy to calm her until I got to a rest area to check on her. It was such a success I ended up keeping a small bag of these in the car for all occasions, even just running around town.

Secondly, and just as important is a safety kit, in EVERY car you use. I learned this the hard way! I’ve always lived in areas with harsh winter conditions and typically always had one in my car that contained: jumper cables, a tow rope, a blanket, flares a first aid kit, a small toolkit, Powerbars and extra hats and gloves. For some reason I had to drive a different car with my children, as can happen in families and I was unaware that the safety kit had been removed to make room in the trunk. Of course that was the day I needed it. I had quickly loaded all the kids and baby into the car for a quick run to the market. None of us were properly dressed and the car broke down. Living in Vermont we were lucky, I walked to a nearby house and they gave us a lift while my car waited for AAA.

It is funny how on the heels of a Nor’easter and Snow Day this is the information that comes to mind. But as moms we have a lot on our minds and an exorbitant amount of things to do. It’s fun to get out and do things with your little ones. Make memories and share new experiences. In the winter just take the extra steps to keep them safe and happy, it will give you peace of mind. What could be better? Enjoy your holiday season!


In One Mother's Words

The things that we as parents, do with our children always amazes me. Since the inception of Bitybean, I have been impressed by mothers and fathers of today and all that they do. When my babies were little babywearing was rare. I found the convenience of babywearing delightful, but not always comfortable. I was able to hike, ski, shop, travel and cook with them, while keeping them close and cozy. With starting Bitybean one of the joys was meeting other mothers and seeing what they liked to do while babywearing and gathering feedback. Their feedback was essential to the creation of Bitybean’s UltraCompact Carrier. Now an even greater joy are the photo shoots I’ve begun doing around the U.S. Who knows where I will turn up next? Maybe in a city near you!

One of the Mom’s I just recently met was Nae Staags, the author of I Choose The Sun, a mom’s blog in Washington, DC. I had no idea a mom blogger was in our midst, until I heard her say to another mom, “I’m going to write about my experience.” I got a twinge of nervousness! I’m just an amateur photographer and it can be challenging corralling 10 moms/dads and babies, while making sure everyone was having a good time. So without further adieu, here are her thoughts on her babywearing experience with Bitybean. Happy reading…She is another amazing Mom.

One of the many reasons I love living in the DMV is our proximity to the National Mall. Admittedly, I don't get down there enough so when one of my fellow Mocha Moms told me about an opportunity to participate in a photoshoot with Bitybean, I jumped at the chance. Bitybean is a Vermont company … [Continue reading]