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5 Ways To Get Fit With Baby

Posted February 02, 2016 in Fitness, Health

Did you make a new year's resolution to get rid of that extra baby fat you accumulated over months of pregnancy and maybe even your little one's first year? We know it's February, but we thought we would check in with everyone. So how many of you are finding millions of excuses to not follow through?

My number one excuse was I just don't have time between the baby's schedule, maintaining a house/business and simply getting used to having someone attached to me for the day. When I had multiple children the balancing act became even tougher! But not to worry you are not alone. Every Mom has been there and here are a few simple tips.

Put working out into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. If you want to do it alone, schedule it for when your baby is taking a nap or find a gym that has childcare. If leaving your baby makes you feel guilty or uncomfortable have your wee one join in the fun. Take long walks with your jogger and incorporate a workout. You can also strap on your baby carrier. I enjoyed doing squats and lunges while wearing a carrier because it gave me some extra weight. Enlist a friend to join you, no need to workout alone. Set a consistent time where you meet up with (or without) your little ones. Having a date with someone holds you more accountable to show up for yourself! Another option is joining a mommy and me yoga class. Yoga is an amazing way to get back in shape and it is so good for your soul!

Here at Bitybean, we believe in a sound body, mind and soul. It helps you be a better parent and allows your more space to be present with your kids. It also helps you feel better! We’ve created a whole Pinterest board just on Exercise with Baby. Check it out and we hope you enjoy it. We also hope that you find some of these tips helpful. ~Happy Bitybeaning!

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