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Everybody's got Advice...

Posted January 23, 2015

Did you ever notice that as soon as you’re pregnant everyone’s got advice? It’s like having baby bump gives everybody and their brother the right to give you advice and oh, let’s not forget the fascination with touching the belly! What is that all about? The advice comes even more quickly when you’re on you’re second or third. Ladies let me give you a little hint, nod, smile, say thank you, keep tips that you like and dismiss the rest. Nobody knows what your baby will be like- not even you!

As a new mom (and let’s face it every baby you have makes you a new mom again since each baby is different) you get bombarded with information and stuff! It’s hard to sift through it all. The only advice worth hearing is that you will know what to do and you will ask questions when you need help. Your body knows what to do (for the most part) in labor and delivery and if not there is a doctor or mid-wife to help you. Once your little bundle arrives your going to have years to get to know them. All their needs, fears, emotions, you may find it takes a village- but guaranteed the village is there- just ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking or getting help. Realize that no one is going to know your baby better than you- so how can they tell you how or what to do.

New Moms at baby events always ask me, “who’s got the best baby carrier?” “I don’t really know.” I reply, because I don’t. I can talk for hours about the benefits of our Bitybean baby carrier and the benefits of baby-wearing, but ultimately you have to choose what is right for you and your baby. I loved wearing all 3 of my girls for a multiple of reasons: convenience, closeness and comfort.

Parent from your heart and be firm in what works for you. Ask questions. Take notice of how things feel when you do them. For example, if your baby is not sleeping through the night somebody might tell you to try the Ferber method or “sleep-train” your baby. Those methods you find may or may not work for you. Listening to your baby wail 20 minutes in the middle of the night might not be for you. Let me tell you, that takes a strong constitution! Believe me at some point you will hit a wall and know innately what you need at that moment and all will be well in the universe. Just trust yourself! You’re going to be a great mom and no one will be a better parent to your baby than you!

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