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Take a Hike!

Autumn is a beautiful time to hike. In New England the landscape becomes a myriad of color and the cool, crisp temperatures keep hikers comfortable while climbing towards the top for that spectacular view. Out west, however, it’s still piping hot in some areas, particularly in the southwest. On a recent photo shoot with a few Moms in Calico Basin at Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada I was reminded of this stark difference in fall weather.


Working with some amazing, knowledgeable Moms from the Vegaroos Babywearing Group. I had originally requested 3:30 p.m. at Calico Basin. The light would be perfect and Mom’s of multiples would be able to come after school, however being an east coast Mom I failed to consider temperature when planning our hike. The fall light would be perfect but it would also be at least 98 degrees.


Thankfully, one Mom spoke up, pointing out that while the light may be magnificent the afternoon heat might not be safe due to high temperature. There was very little shade at the proposed site plus it was in the desert. Most people from the area went out in the morning due to rising afternoon temperatures. 98 degrees under the glaring sun does not make for a happy baby or mom! Happily, I changed the time to the morning and all the moms were still able to make it.


8 moms met me in the parking lot, dressed and ready to go. I was impressed with all of them. They had brought hats, sunscreen, water, sunglasses and great attitudes. The key component to our hike was to have fun with a bonus of great shots. This group of active moms and adorable babies was definitely up for the task. Not one tear was shed. When we reached the top the view was spectacular. Red Rock juxtaposed to a bright blue sky and mixed with paler rock. As I snapped away I noticed all moms were nursing in their carriers. “It’s just as important for them to stay hydrated as us.” One mom laughed. What a sight 8 moms breastfeeding in UltraCompact Carriers, what a trip! These moms knew what they were doing and were experts in keeping their little ones happy.


It made me think about what makes a successful hike this time of year no matter where you are. Most importantly know the best time to go, when you and your little one will be most comfortable. In the desert go early, it gets hot! In New England go a little later; let the temperatures rise a little. It’s always important to dress appropriately. In the dessert lightweight breathable clothing are optimal while in the east layers are always good. One thing that is a must no matter where you are is hydration; bring plenty of water. When doing anything active with babies it’s often best to work on their schedule.


Most of their little ones feel asleep in the carriers. They were snuggled up close to their mamas but our poly-mesh liner kept them cool and comfortable! I loved working with the Vegaroos group! They are a cheerful, knowledgeable bunch and what a great hike! They got me into fall hiking mode. ‘Tis the season to get out and hike! The weather is perfect and hopefully you and your family will go out and enjoy a hike in your area, you and your kids will love it.


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